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With Mama Doula you are guaranteed the support and guidance to see your familly thrive.

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Why Choose a Birth Doula?

The birth doula contributes to modern perinatal care to improve the experience of the person giving birth in a positive way. Research shows that people who use a birth doula are: less likely to need a C-section or painkillers.

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Birth support and assistance

Birth support translates into two types of support: Physical support, consists of proposing ideas for positions for comfort and the progress of labour, intersecting with practical comfort measures such as comforting touch, counter-pressure, breathing techniques and other techniques. The skilled hands and positioning tools of a doula can often help an ill-positioned baby work its way through the pelvis and into the arms of the birthing parent. Emotional Support helps families feel supported, easing the emotional experience of birth and also helping to create space where labor hormones can work best. Whether a birth is completely unmedicated or medically very complex, every family can benefit from support and connection at this tender and incredible time in their lives.

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Help for birth partners

Whether it's a romantic partner, friend or other family member. The experience of the birth partner is considerable; our doulas are there to help each birth partner get as involved as they want. Physical and emotional support makes a huge difference for everyone involved.

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A unique experience and knowledge

Doulas are trained to help families connect with evidence-based resources so they can ask good questions and make informed decisions about their births. They serve as a communication bridge between their clients and providers, elevating them to help them find their voice and advocate for the best care.

Reducing the risks of caesarean sections
Minimizes the need for painkillers
Average reduction in the duration of childbirth
Assistance during childbirth

Our role as your birth doula

With Mama Doula you are assured of a sweet birth, and support that can turn the impossible into the possible. Your birth doula will provide you with the tools you need during this special time. Our goal is to support you in achieving an ideal birth, so that you can savor every stage of your motherhood and focus on what matters most: Life.

Your pregnancy in 4 stages

Getting in touch

After completing the contact form, Mama Doula will contact you to find out about your situation.

Birth plan

Mama Doula establishes a personalized birth plan for you and helps you choose the tools adapted to your physical needs during pregnancy.

Choosing a birth partner

Defining the help of your birth partner consists of choosing the person who will assist you during pregnancy and childbirth.


On D-Day Mama Doula assists you at the birthplace for the arrival of your little angel.

Who am I?

Xena is professionally trained and certified as a birth and postpartum doula and infant nutrition specialist. As a mother of two of her own, Xena understands that every birth and baby is different. Passionate about empowering workers, she aims to reduce fear and bring strength to all the families she serves. Some clients refer to Xena as a "fairy godmother at work", while others refer to her as her personal "baby encyclopedia". Both are fine in a pinch!

Our Services

At Mama Doula we offer several services for your well-being.

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They trust us! Why not you ?

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“"Excellent service and professionalism. Xena was very down to earth, easy to talk to and explained everything thoroughly. I highly recommend them and will use their services again! It's a pleasure, Xena!"

Elsa & Erick P.

"Thank you so much! I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me as a mother in this new phase of my life."

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Myriam G.

“Mama Doula was an amazing support for us pre and post baby. I would highly recommend their services !.”

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Laura R.

How can we help you?

How can Mama Doula help me?

I help reduce stress during your pregnancy by establishing a birth plan, choosing comfortable positions and minimizing your contractions thanks to my experience and dedication to ensuring a smooth birth. Regardless of the type of childbirth you desire, I undertake to be a birth witness who completes the medical team or Midwife for your benefit.

What makes Mama Doula different from other doulas?

I provide unique support, through physical and emotional support tailored to your needs in French/English with an ancestral African touch. mother of four children, I not only have an experience of my life but also of my doula knowledge.

Does Mama Doula stay until the end of delivery or does she have a time limit for long births?

I stay by your side throughout labor until your baby's first feed. My duty as a doula is to make sure baby is feeding properly and then you are comfortable and consistent so you can rest.

Are there pre-delivery visits?

I come to your home twice during your pregnancy before the day of delivery. During these two visits, the birth plan will be established as well as the choice of partners and tools adapted to your needs in order to ensure a stress-free maternity.

Do you have experience with breastfeeding?

Yes, because I am a certified light lactation consultant. It is a service that supports the mother in the production of milk with unique techniques, allowing her to be comfortable during breastfeeding.